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                                      This award is given in                                            honor of our founder,                                            Sis. Mattie Blackstone                                            McIntosh to pay
                                      special tribute to a                                                  faithful, dedicated, diligent sister and member of the

Church of Christ.  Write an essay

(400 words or less), on your church’s letterhead, telling us why you feel

this sister deserves the Founder's

Award. Include a picture. This

year’s winner will receive a
Registration to next year's

retreat!!     **See Criteria 


Founder's Award

               This award is presented to a sister in Christ

attending College.  She must be a faithful

and committed member of a Church of Christ

congregation and be in good standing

academically.  An essay  (400 words or less) must

be written on your congregation's letterhead. Include picture of nominee.
**See Criteria 


               A paid registration will be given to 10 faithful and committed sisters.  A one

paragraph essay must be written on your congregation's letterhead explaining

why this sister needs assistance, signed by the submitter and the minister or a

leader of the congregation.  All names will be entered into a drawing & 10 will be notified after the February 1, 2019 submission deadline.     **See Criteria 

$250 Grant for ages 8 thru 12               

Good student, 100 word essay

          on retreat theme      

$500 Grant for ages 13 thru 17:  

          Good student, 100 word essay

          on retreat  theme.   

$750 Grant for ages 18 thru 31: 

          Community involvement, 500 word essay on retreat             

 Winners in each category will receive a sash embroided         

                         "LaTeacha A. Coleman Foundation 2019",

                                 a  custom crown and certificate.


All Nominees must be present at the 2019 Church of Christ Ladies         Retreat to win.                  

Award/Scholarships submissions sent via email must be received         on or before 3/1/19.              

All submissions sent U.S.P.S. must be postmarked no later than             3/1/19.                           

Please include a telephone number or email address to receive a         confirmation of receipt.           

Send questions and nominations to or Mail to:                         

Church of Christ Ladies Retreat, Awards Committee, Attn: Christine Harris, P.O. Box 9843, Fayetteville NC 28301


Awards & Scholarships

Winnie Jewel Scholarship

Sister to Sister

LaTeacha A. Coleman  Foundation Award

**Additional Criteria  for      

                ALL Submissions


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