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   The words “Thank You” do not express how grateful I am to all who made the 2019 Ladies Lectureship Retreat an EPIC  success! They say people do things BIG in Texas and that’s exactly what Sakeena Price, T.J. Haygood, and the Ladies of the State of Texas did! Thanks to Laurel Street Church of Christ for hosting and making our 2019 Ladies Retreat unforgettable. We took it to Texas so our West Coast Sisters could enjoy the same passionate praise and fellowship that our East Coast Sisters have enjoyed for 33 years.  Prayerfully they were all edified.

   Thanks to the attendees, group coordinators, speakers, song leaders, emcees,  Mass Choir Director Sister Kelly Neal, Playwright  Sister Sheri G. Wilson, and Sister Deborah Adams for presenting the LaTeacha A. Coleman Scholarship Awards, etc.  I want you all to know that I don’t take for granted the time and sacrifice you made to help this retreat be a success.

    A special thank you to my “Dream Team”, my Brothers, and my Minister Chris Covington. You are all truly the wind beneath my wings!  

    A BIG thank you to Sister Ann Fleming, Sister Tanya Brooks, and the Area Wide Louisville, Kentucky Churches for wanting to host us for our 35th year … GET READY FOR DERBY NIGHT ON FRIDAY!
    Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank all the Sisters who generously gave $3,458.85 to SWCC and $4,537.08 to the Sister to Sister  Program, where you help deserving Sisters in need attend the retreat.  We also collected $3,005.85 on behalf of the Elizabeth “Betty” Mason Community Project to donate to “Kids 2 Kids” of San Antonio, Texas.

        Again, Thank You… For Serving a Mighty Powerful God!!

     Elsie Gilliam -   Chairperson


             Sakeena Price  <>

          TJ HAYGOOD


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